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With Zaffo you can get your raffle online quickly with our easy template. And it’s completely free!

All you need is a licence from your local authority or the Gambling Commission, then just complete the form below.

    Step 1 Contact
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    Please give the details of the person you want to receive data reports and information about winners from
  • (if different from above)
  • Please name the licensing body and licence number
  • Please upload a copy/scan of your gambling licence. While this is not a required field and you can submit this form without it, we will require this before you can go live.
  • Step 2 Words and pictures
  • About your raffle

  • Please add 2 images. One could be your logo and the other something that represents your prize(s) 800 x 500 pixels (or the same aspect ratio). Please do not add copy to the images, Image thumbnails will not show until second upload is complete (sorry, we're still in Beta!).
  • Up to 285 character summary of your organisation
  • Please use the format dd/mm/yy
  • Please use the format dd/mm/yy
  • Please only select a weekday for your draw
  • Name email and organisation address of raffle organiser/promoter (this is a legal requirement that must be in your ticket)
  • A Twitter hashtag you will use to promote your activity.
  • Step 3 Terms and conditions
  • Add your prize(s) terms and conditions

  • Name of the good cause
  • If you are (or are fundraising on behalf of) a non commercial society, please leave this blank
  • For example any restrictions/requirements relating to age, location and time/date
  • Step 4 Bank details for payment
  • Payment details

  • terms and conditions

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