FAQ players

What is Zaffo.com?

Zaffo.com is a ground-breaking fundraising website, created by Capen, that allows any charity, club, business or individual to raise funds and engage with their community by setting up an online raffle.


How do good causes benefit?

90% of the ticket price will go directly to the good cause. It’s also completely free for good causes to set up raffles on Zaffo.com,  which means they can put everything they raise towards continuing their great work.


What prizes can be won?

Each good cause offers their own prize. Sometimes, Zaffo.com will throw in some sparkly bonus prizes for anyone buying a ticket for any of our causes. Be sure to check in from time to time to see what’s new.


How do I play?

Visit the Zaffo.com website, choose a cause or prize and click Play Now. You can buy anything from one ticket to one hundred tickets every week. You can pay for tickets by credit or debit card.


How much do tickets cost?

Every raffle is different so ticket price will vary. Tickets are usually between £1 and £5. 90% of the ticket price will go to the good cause and 10% is spent on administration.


How does the draw work?

Every raffle is drawn using a licensed random number generator. The draw date of any raffle you play will be shown on your ticket email as well as the appropriate page on Zaffo.com.


How can I check if I have won?

Winners will be contacted directly by the good cause via the contact details you give when you buy your tickets. Winner names may be displayed on the appropriate page on Zaffo.com.


Who is Capen?

Capen is the External Lottery Manager behind Zaffo.com. Capen is licensed with the Gambling Commission as an External Lottery Manager (Type F, Remote) license number 000-036257-R-317724-001.


Why have I been charged an extra £3.00 for buying lottery tickets though you?

Please note that Some Credit Card issuers charge a cash advance fee for Gaming Transactions, if in doubt check your Credit Card T&Cs or use a debit card.


What will I see on my bank statement?

Please note that your payment has been processed by Capen Ltd Trading as Zaffo.com and your bank statement will include the following information “Zaffo.com-ZaffoCharity 0203 096 6265”