Aviation Without Borders provides humanitarian assistance through aviation services and in the UK we organise and help fund an annual National Fly Kids Day. On a date in June each year, many hundreds of deserving children throughout the country are invited to a local aerodrome for the day, are given a talk on flying and a tour of the airport and are taken on a short flight. A trip in a small aeroplane is a great way to share the fantastic excitement of flying and to help expand the children’s horizons. It is a privilege for the flying clubs and AWB to provide what for most is the chance of a lifetime to experience the freedom of flight and to introduce deserving youngsters to the boundless possibilities it can inspire. The experience can and does change young lives for the better.


The winner will fly in an original, iconic WW2 Spitfire on a fantastic 30 minute flight, at their choice of Spitfire airports across the UK, and will soar over our ‘green and pleasant land’ to the roar of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine. In safe flight and with the approval of the pilot the winner may handle the controls and fly the aircraft. Every ticket you buy will not only give you a chance to win this fabulous prize but will also support our National Fly Kids Day and will help deserving children enjoy a flight of their lives.

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Terms and conditions

  1. The FUNDRAISING FOR OUR NATIONAL FLY KIDS DAY (the Raffle) is being promoted by and on behalf of Aviation Without Borders, a Charity 1117373 & SC 038575

  2. The draw opens for entries at 01/08/17 and closes for entries at 31/10/17

  3. There is 1 prize available to be won in the draw as stated on this Website 

  4. Terms and conditions of the prize:
    1. The Aviation Without Borders Spitfire Draw 2017 (the Raffle) is being promoted by and on behalf Aviation Without Borders, a charity registered in England and Wales No. 1117373 and in Scotland No. SC 038575.

    2. The Spitfire Draw opens for entries on 1st August 2017 and closes for entries on 31st October 2017. Any entries after this date will not be entered into the draw.

    3. There is one prize available to be won in the draw as stated on this website.

    4. The draw will take place on 11th November in the T4 Hilton at London Heathrow Airport. After the draw date the winner will be informed by telephone or email and, with permission, the name with photo of the winner will also be announced on our website.

    5. The Spitfire Draw is open to UK and International entries except trustees of Aviation Without Borders and companies connected to the production of the raffle. The winner is required to travel to a Spitfire airport in the UK at his or her own expense but there are several locations from which to select. To fly as a passenger in a Spitfire the winner is also required to comply with the following requirements and restrictions: Minimum age18. No minimum height but maximum height 6ft 6in/198cm. Maximum weight 230lb/105kg. Sufficiently agile to get in and out of the aircraft and able to cope with the dynamic nature of the flight. Your physique must also permit full and free movement of the controls. You should not fly if you are medically unfit, have a cold, are pregnant or suffer from breathing or consciousness conditions. If you are fit enough to hold a driving licence you should be fit enough to fly in a Spitfire

    6. The Spitfires do not fly in winter and the flights normally take place between March and October, depending on the weather. The winner can choose the date of the Spitfire flight but confirmation will be subject to availability. The flight must be taken during the 2018 March to October Spitfire flying season.

    7. The Spitfire Draw prize has a value of £2,750 but is as stated. It cannot be exchanged for cash or otherwise but the prize can be gifted/transferred to another party. A draw (raffle) ticket costs £2 and is not for sale to anyone under 16 (note that the minimum age for a Spitfire flight is 18). All ticket purchases are non refundable

    8. Aviation Without Borders will not share your information with any third parties.

    9. The Aviation Without Borders Spitfire draw is promoted by Stanley Stewart, Aviation Without Borders, Rm 8, Bldg 208, Epsom Square, Eastern Business Park, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 2BJ and is licensed by Hillingdon Council (GA05/SMSL/13/109)

    10. Contact for enquiries: contact@aviationwithoutborders.org

  5. Tickets to enter the draw are priced at £2 each

  6. The FUNDRAISING FOR OUR NATIONAL FLY KIDS DAY is promoted by Stanley Stewart, Rm 8, Bldg 208, Epsom Square, Eastern Business Park, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 2BJ Licensed by Hillingdon council (GA05/SMSL/13/109)

  7. Contact for Enquiries: society contact stanstewart@hotmail.com
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